If you are like many parents I know, chances are you have  many questions about feeding your kids.

   When to start introducing solids?
   What are the best finger foods?
   How much milk is too much?
   How to handle snacks?
   Is buying organic food important?
   Is picky eating normal?
   How to handle negative peer pressure?
   How to talk to my child about nutrition?
   How to fuel my teenager athlete?

This is just a very small part of the dilemmas and conundrums modern parents are facing every day.

The great news is that now you can find answers to these and similar questions in just one place: Fearless Feeding: How to raise healthy eaters from high chair to high schoola book by Jill Castle and Maryann Jacobsen, Registered Dietitians and recognized pediatric nutrition experts.

The What, Why and How of feeding kids

The book is so well researched and practical that I am sure it will become a go-to-resource for many families. I especially like the comprehensive approach the authors use when talking about kids nutrition. I found from my own experience that the information on What to feed our kids is often easier to find both on the internet and in books. But what is often missing from many resources are the “why’ and “how” aspects of feeding. In other words, parents are aware of nutritional guidelines but need help with evidence based guidelines on how to get their kids to eat nutritious food based on understanding why they behave in certain ways around the table.

As an example, let’s take picky eating, a fairly common eating behavior among kids between ages 2 and 6 or even older. The authors call the more adventurous phase preceding picky eating “the honeymoon period”. At this time, many kids are ready to eat almost everything and may seem like very adventurous eaters. But as you keep reading the book, it is easy to see that this “honeymoon period” is not going to last long because kids eating behavior starts changing as they become more independent. It is important to maximize its potential by exposing kids to as many flavors and textures as possible but if parents do not adjust their expectation as their child is growing into skeptical toddlers, it is difficult to avoid feeding problems later.

The same approach, with the focus on What, Why and How of feeding, is applied to all ages and specific feeding problems addressed in the book. The authors are looking to empower parents to become knowledgeable, confident, fearless feeders in order to help their children grow into competent, fearless eaters. Fearless parents are able to see a bigger picture and focus on long term goals while comfortably navigating modern life that were unknown to previous generations.

How to put it into practice

My another favorite feature of the book (among many, many others) is the extremely practical way in which the information is presented. The Fearless Tips (small bites of advice tailored to specific situations) and easy-to-read tables help to quickly find answers to pressing questions. Numerous case studies interspersed through the book allow parents to see how the recommendations can be put into practice immediately.

Finally, the authors did a great job putting together a selection of easy family friendly recipes that require minimum number of ingredients and preparation time. Even if you are a novice cook, these recipes will allow produce a variety of nutritious and delicious meals for the whole family, from Pumpkin French Toast to Mexican Lasagna.

I am so excited about the book that, honestly,  I could write three more pages about all the ways it can help parents feed their kids right. I am sure you will have at least a few “aha” moments as you are flipping through the pages and will pick it up again and again as your child grows and your feeding strategy needs fine tuning.

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