Your child’s nutrition needs a boost? 

Top 6 Nutrients for Kids and How to Help Them Get Enough (even if they are picky) 

“We started using your techniques and THEY ARE WORKING. Oh my god. Can’t tell you how thrilled we are. We had dinner with G. tonight family style and he ate rice with daal and naan. He asked for a second serving! It’s a damn miracle.” —Victoria G, New York.

“….I tried your methods for dinner last night and T. ate so well! Lots of spinach. I told my girlfriend all about it today and she is also going to try (this) approach.” —Jennifer K., New York

“… my son has tried more new foods since the beginning of your program than in the last 2 years of his life!” —Natalia C., New York.

– “… I wanted to tell you that your lecture was so incredibly helpful, and I already started implementing the tips and advice you gave us, and I already see amazing changes in my daughter’s eating habits. I really thought it would take much longer to see a change, but it is almost immediate. I was amazed.” —- Reem M., New York

“We are all looking forward to family meals now. Before working with you I could not get S. to sit at the table for more than 5 minutes and we were exhausted from fighting over vegetables every night.” —Kate B., New York

“I really feel like we’ve turned a corner overnight! Just having the tools and a better grip on what the heck we need to do is really amazing.” —Victoria G., New York

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Sneaking Veggies the Smart Way

According to a research study published in April 2011 in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, adding pureed vegetables to dishes such as casserole or macaroni and cheese results in reduced caloric intake and increased nutritive value of meals. And while this can be a great weight management technique for grown ups, when playing a “sneaky chief” with kids ‘meals, it is best to play fair.

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