Starting Solids eBook Bundle

A step-by-step system to start solids using your baby’s unique development as a guide

Detailed description of each milestone and the changes that need to be made

Most recent research on introduction of allergens

Strategies to start solids with BOTH purees and finger foods

50+ meal ideas and recipes for your baby and the whole family

Sample timetables and meal plans for every developmental stage

Overview of the best child feeding products

Nutritional ABC – how to include the most important nutrients regularly

Starting Solids recipes

50+ Easy Recipes and Meal Ideas

Healthy recipes packed with the most important nutrients for your baby

Easy strategies to adapt family food to feed your baby

Simple no cook finger foods ideas to help your baby learn to self feed quickly

Clever ideas to use spices and herbs to broaden your baby’s palate

Texture timeline so you know how to transition between feeding milestones

Easy dinner recipesfor the whole family

Healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack recipes

Picky Eating Help

eBook+email consultation

Find out where your child is on the picky eating spectrum

Know how exactly to serve meals so even the pickiest eaters do not leave the table hungry

Stop hearing “Snack”, Snack?” “Snack!!!” all the time

Learn A LOT from other parents’ mistakes

know exactly which foods will help you nutritionally balance your child’s eating

BONUS: 10 minute no-cook family meal ideas