When my kids come back from school at around 3 pm, they are starving, regardless of the amount of food I have packed for lunch. So it is best for me to be well equipped for the occasion and use the opportunity to provide a not only satisfying but also nutritious mini-meal that will last them trough the afternoon till dinnertime.

This is one of the most popular afterschool snacks in our house that works great both with fussy eaters and less picky kids. It consists of a wholegrain wrap and a variety of fillings that the little ones can choose and pile up on their wraps independently. It basically works like this:

  • You give a wrap to each child
  • You place a variety of nutritious and delicious fillings in small bowls on the table (these can be prepared in a advance and stay in  your fridge for a few days)
  • Children put whatever they want inside their wrap
  • You help them to fold the wrap. First fold one of the sides, tucking the filling under it, then fold the bottom part and finally, roll it over the other side, forming a wrap.

Here is what makes it a practically perfect snack or even dinner :

  • Even the pickiest child will at least eat the wrap and it is still a pretty nutritious food.
  • It is a creative way to offer the important food groups, such as starches, protein foods, fats and dairy.
  • Fillings can be rotated to increase exposure to a variety of foods.
  • A combination of familiar and new foods creates a safe environment for exploring new textures and flavors.
  • It meets children’s need for self-sufficiency. It is pretty empowering at a certain age to know that you can put your own meal together all by yourself!
  • It is a perfect example of the division of responsibility in feeding, when parents are choosing what, where and when they are serving a meal and children are responsible for how much or whether they are eating it all.

This is what I used for the filling:

  • avocado
  • black beans
  • sour cream
  • tomatoes
  • herbs

Other options:

  • grilled chicken
  • yogurt or mayo
  • salad greens
  • hummus
  • sliced cucumbers
  • mashed lentils
  • sliced ham
  • sliced cheese

Bon appetit!