Here are some examples of what a balanced lunch may look like. 

Each lunchbox  menu includes three types of food:

  • grow food (protein+starch)
  • vegetables
  • fruit and/or dairy

Here you can read more about the basic principles of a healthy lunch and food safety tips to keep in mind when packing a lunchbox.

Grow food (protein + starch) Vegetable Fruit/Dairy
Burrito (whole wheat tortilla, mashed black beans, avocado, salsa, grated cheese) Cucumber slices Raisins
Smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich on a bagel Celery and carrot sticks with a dip Fresh or frozen pineapple chunks
Lentil or bean soup in an insulated cup, whole grain crackers Steamed snow peas Milk and a small cookie
Whole wheat pita bread with hummus Green beans with a dip Canned peaches
Grilled chicken with brown rice in an insulated cup Baked sweet potato chips Frozen raspberries with yogurt
Ham and cheese sandwich Corn, grilled or boiled Fresh strawberries
Peanut/almond butter and jam sandwich on whole-wheat English muffin Slices of red and yellow peppers with a dip Dried mango slices
Noodles or pasta with sausage or vegetables Steamed broccoli with a dip Kiwi slices
Stir-fried tofu and noodles Steamed edamame Yogurt or kefir
Bean and rice salad (canned beans, brown rice, salt, pepper and olive oil) Cherry tomatoes Apple sauce and yogurt
Granola parfait (1/2 cup yogurt, ¼ cup granola, ½ cup any berries, fresh or frozen) Baby carrots with hummus Dried cranberries