This is the second post in the series of no-cook snacks that work great for summer months. In case you missed the strawberry sandwiches, salad on a stick and banana ice cream from the first post, click here. Today me and my fabulous intern Jennifer Rock did some wrapping and rolling to create these “sushi” and “pinwheels”.  They work great for snack, breakfast or even light dinner. I may also use them in kids’ lunchboxes in the fall. 

Make sure to invite your little ones to the kitchen to make some mess and have tons of fun. Even if they do not eat the final product, they get the important exposure to a variety of foods on many sensory levels while touching, peeling, spreading and rolling.

1. Olive Cream Cheese “Sushi”

Spread whole wheat tortillas with cream cheese and place cucumbers and chopped olives on top of cream cheese. Roll tightly and cut into “sushi” pieces. You may need only half of a tortilla at a time. Voila!
Cucumber pinwheels 500

2. Banana Peanut Butter “Pinwheels”.

Spread plain yogurt on a whole wheat tortilla and top with peanut butter (or any other nut butter) or sprinkle with chopped nuts for added texture. If you prefer it sweeter, drizzle the tortilla with some honey or melted chocolate. Pell a banana, place closer to the top of the tortilla and wrap tightly. Cut into pinwheels and enjoy.
Banana pinwheels ingredients1
Banana pinwheels 2
Banana pinwheels


Bon appetit!