Like most children, my daughters are big fans of pasta and noodles.  I think they can eat it 3 times a day! So if I include a pasta and noodle dish in their lunchbox, then I’ll usually serve a different type of starch at dinner.  Or offer this spaghetti squash as a side veggie. Although not a substitute to pasta, at least not in my kids’ eyes :), it looks original and tastes great. 

We cut the squash in half, scooped out the seeds, rubbed it with some olive oil and salt and baked it at 325F for about 45 minutes. Check for doneness with a fork, smaller size squashes may be ready earlier.

Spaghetti squash

Watch this Squash video to see how easy it is to make spaghetti out of the squash!
Here is the final result, with some tomato sauce and parsley.  We served it alongside some chicken and quinoa for a yummy and nutritious dinner.



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