I am thrilled to welcome a special guest on my blog: Marci Fair. Marci is a mompreneur, author, charity founder and mom of four who recently wrote a book about how to juggle career and raising a family. The title of the book is TILT: 7 Solutions to be a Guilt-Free Working Mom.

What I love abot Marci’s advice (I am half way though the book and enjoying every page!) is that she does not teach moms how to be the best at 100% of what they are doing. Instead, she encourages to focus on the 20% that is important, embrace everyday imperfections and rediscover the joy of having little people in your life. In our world where parents feel so much pressure to be on top of their career, parenting and everything in between, reading Marci’s book feels like chatting to the best friend who accepts you the way you are and just wants you to be happy and fulfilled.

I was very excited when Marci agreed to share her secrets of feeding the big family well despite work and school challenges and busy schedules. If a full time entrepreneur and a mom of 4 can do it, we all can!


 How TILTed moms make sure their family eats well. 

Parenting well is a challenge, for moms working in and out of the home. We juggle so many things, and they all seem important. How do we choose what to focus on, and what to let go of? As a working mom of four, those choices can be hard to make.

One of my struggles has been learning how to have healthy snacks and meals. Cooking is not my strength! So I found a few simple tricks to keeping our children focused on eating healthy food. Probably the simplest one is not having very much in the house that is not healthy in the first place. If it is not there, we cannot eat it.  I have taught them from very young ages to think about how they feel when they eat well, versus how they feel when they eat too much sugar.

We also talk a lot about moderation; even on the car ride to school this morning! Have some of the sweets, or treats, some of the time. Just not all the time, everyday. For school snacks, I buy the healthier crackers with peanut butter, or grapes, or some of the Chewy Dips. My children pack their snacks the night before so there is less to worry about in the morning.

We do work hard to have family dinners at least three to four times per week. This is not easy, especially as we usually have kids activities four+ nights per week. However, we still squeeze them in as best as we can. I always create “ambiance” with different little things like candles, setting the table with holiday napkins and placemats, lowering the lights and putting away the cell phones so we all focus only on each other. My meals are very simple – a lean protein, a steamed veggie and a fresh fruit. Nothing fancy, but all of our children are very healthy with pretty good eating habits (other than some ice cream or Oreo cookies!). I am definitely not the perfect cook, but I strive to for simple health with a family dinner focus!

As moms, in our hectic lives, we have to choose, and our family chooses health as much as we can!

Marci Fair

Mompreneur, Author, Charity Founder, Mom of Four
Choices are one of her important mom solutions in –
“TILT – 7 Solutions to Be A Guilt-Free Working Mom”
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