Because I use an individualized approach when I teach other people what to eat, I do not always like to talk about my dietary habits. First of all, what works for me may not work for someone else and I also do not want to be judged. But when I saw my fellow Registered Dietitians sharing their food dairies in pictures on the What I Ate Wednesdays for RDs (#WIAWRD) blog trend, I changed my mind. I always found it fascinating to see what other people eat (part of a reason I became a dietitian, I guess), so after reading a bunch of posts by my colleagues, I decided to hop on the wagon.

I am glad I was not asked to participate in #WIAWRD in my first months of pregnancy when my diet consisted mostly of pickles, sauerkraut and bread! Now in my third trimester the nausea has backed off and I have more energy to prepare meals and feed myself properly. A few weeks ago my blood tests revealed low levels of iron so I trying to eat as many iron rich foods as possible and also take an additional supplement. Hopefully when I go back for a checkup next week my levels will be ok!

Here is an outline of everything I ate last Wednesday. Enjoy!


8am Breakfast. Mornings are pretty hectic in our house as I am trying to get two kids out of the door with their clothes on, teeth brushed, lunches packed, and breakfast in the tummies. But I always have something to eat before I leave the house. Most of the days it is a cup of tea or coffee (decaf recently) and a slice of bread with almond butter. Last Wednesday I sliced up some banana for the kids’ breakfast, so I grabbed a few pieces for myself and even drizzled some honey on it. It was DELICIOUS! And check out my coffee mug – a sweet gift from Food and Nutrition magazine I blog and develop recipes for!

Breakfast small

1pm Lunch. I had a couple of phone consultations with clients, did some writing and was starving by lunch time.  I was also very thirsty from talking and decided to make a green smoothie instead of my regular salad. To make a smoothie, I blended 3 handfuls of  spinach, 1 cup of frozen pineapple, 1 banana, 1/2 cup of orange juice and 1 cup of water. It came out exactly the way I needed it – not too sweet, not too heavy, but very refreshing. What you see on the picture is 1/2 of the batch, I kept the other half for my husband who was coming home for lunch. I also warmed up some leftover lentil soup (love leftovers) and had a little dessert – dried papaya, dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds. Eating 3 satisfying meals and maybe one snack always worked better for me than snacking throughout a day so I try to finish my meals with something sweet to keep my tummy happy till the next meal.

Lunch small

4pm snack. Managed to get some exercise that day because my sister volunteered to pick up the kids from school. My post workout snack was plain cottage cheese topped with fresh pineapple. Earlier this year we went to Costa Rica and fell in love with the local fruit. Most of the times the tropical fruit we buy in our local supermarket in New York tastes nothing like its Costa Rican counterparts but sometimes we get lucky and spot a perfectly ripe delicious looking pineapple. This one was amazing and we finished almost the whole thing for a snack with the kids.

Snack small

6.30 dinner. We eat dinner pretty early because we share it with the kids. Last Wednesday I cooked some orzo and mixed it with vegetables and sausage that I sautéed separately. Grated carrots with honey-lemon dressing topped with toasted pumpkin seeds were served as a salad. What you see on the picture is just one helping and I had two (happily accommodating the extra 450 calories I am supposed add to my pregnancy diet :)). Dessert: home made chia seed pudding with vanilla almond milk. We almost always have some in the fridge and the kids love it for breakfast, after school snack or dessert. Yum!

Dinner small

chia seed pudding

And here it is – my day in food last Wednesday. A pretty typical day overall, maybe with a little more dessert-like foods than usual but I noticed that I crave sweets more when expecting.  But hey, who said that dietitians are perfect eaters, especially those of the pregnant type :)?

If you are interested to see what other dietitians are eating, check out the #WIAWRD on Twitter


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