I recently discovered a video blogging platform vidoyen.com  and was thrilled to be included as a pediatric nutrition expert in an impressive panel of professionals including David L. Katz, director of Director Yale University Prevention Research Center and Lori Lite from www.stressfreekids.com, among many others.

The first question I was asked as a Vidoyen expert, was this:

“Hello from barcelona! I read all your articles and you are the only one saying-(in an article)-that purees can be combined with Baby Led Weaning. I have a 5 month and we have heard pediatrist who told me to start with fruit purees. So I did. And then I discovered BLW…wish I haven’t started the mashed Spon feeding . Also my little, still to little to hold his back straight. They say when they do purees first learn to swallow without chew & use hands”.

To sum up my answer, I give an brief overview of Baby Led Weaning and also recommended trying a mixed approach to starting solids, using both responsive spoon feeding and also experimenting with finger foods from early on, instead of feeling like you have to choose one approach.

Can fruit purees combine with early fingerfood when starting Baby Led Weaning with an almost 6 month old? posted by Natalia Stasenko MS, RD on Vidoyen.

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Your baby is unique.

So why copy how everyone else is starting solids? Welcome your baby into the wonderful world of food using this safe and responsive method.