Well, life is busy with Thanksgiving just around the corner. But for those of us with picky eaters in the family, the thought of another mealtime drama accompanied by helpful (not) remarks of family members and friends is excruciating.

So I thought it would be helpful to equip ourselves with expert tips that can not only help survive Thanksgiving with a picky eater but also make the holiday experience enjoyable for you and your child.

First, here is the team from Extreme Picky Eating Help with an in-depth post on how to deal with pushy relatives, prevent the conversation from sinking deep into the sticky topic of dieting, and how to prepare your child to deal with unhelpful comments.

Next, Adina from Healthy Little Eaters does a great job explaining which types of difficult behaviors are typical for both grown-ups and kids around a festive table and how smart strategies like structure and using treats wisely can save the day.

Child Feeding Sanity for the Holidays

Finally, Jill Castle from Just the Right Byte created a round-up of child-friendly Thanksgiving side dishes that will not only entice your picky eater to stay at the table longer than 5 minutes but also make the grown-up guests happy. And all the recipes have been created by Registered Dietitians, so you can trust that they are not only delicious but also full of nutrition!

12 Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Side Dishes

What was your favorite tip? Which strategies help YOU survive Thanksgiving with a picky eater? Please comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Wishing you all a warm and delicious holiday.