We need more BLW breakfast ideas for babies! Hands down it is the most frequent recipe request I get from you.

There is no shortage of baby-led weaning breakfast muffin recipes on the internet, so I thought I would instead focus on simpler options that can be something that YOU also enjoy.

An additional bonus is that most of these suggestions allow your baby to see the food in its whole form, a strategy I always promote to parents.

So here you go, no-frills, no fluff, my list of easy BLW breakfast ideas for your baby.

It mostly includes finger foods, but you will find some options to feed your baby with a spoon. Or allow her to experiment with utensils first thing in the morning, before your patience supply for the day did not run out :).

You will find both sweet and savory options on the list. Some may appear slightly “outside of the breakfast box”, like pasta or black beans, but I hope you will give them a try. Many babies and kids actually enjoy a more filling savory breakfast and it is a very nutritious way to start the day.


10 BLW Breakfast Ideas That Are Not Muffins

1. Scrambled eggs + sliced fruit + toast fingers
2. Leftover cooked pasta + shredded cheese + avocado wedges
3. Boiled egg cut into segments + berries + yogurt

Here’s how to choose the best yogurt for your baby.

4. Toast fingers with nutritious toppings

Read my list of 6 nutritious topping ideas. 

5. Scrambled eggs served with canned and rinsed black beans, chopped tomatoes and avocado wedges

10 BLW breakfast ideas for starting solids that are not muffins

6. Ground meat “sausage” served with tomato sauce and polenta fingers.

Recipe for the ground meat “sausage”:

  • Form ground meat (beef, pork, lamb or a mixture) in a finger shape and roast it in the oven at 390F for 20-25 minutes until cooked thoroughly.
  • Let cool before serving to your baby.
7. Fruit salad with Greek yogurt and chia seeds as a topping
8. Banana oatmeal pancakes


  • Combine in a blender 3 tablespoons of milk, 1 mashed banana, and 1/2 cup rolled oats.
  • Pour ladles of batter on a greased skillet and fry on each side for 2-3 minutes.
9. Chia blueberry smoothie

Mix in a blender: 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 frozen banana, 1 teaspoon chia seeds, 1/2 cup yogurt or kefir.

These are 10 baby led weaning breakfast ideas that are not muffins. Includes both sweet and savory options that baby will love. | Feeding Bytes
10. Overnight oats for babies
  • Mix in a bowl 1/4 cup of plain yogurt, 1 tablespoon of milk and 1 tablespoon of quick oats.
  • Add your baby’s favorite berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Store in the fridge overnight. No cooking required.

What is your baby’s favorite breakfast?

These are 10 baby led weaning breakfast ideas that are not muffins. Includes both sweet and savory options that baby will love. | Feeding Bytes

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