This post is long overdue because so many of you have asked me for more recipes of finger foods for babies. But with this blog and my work gradually moving into a more consulting/counseling space, I just do not have a lot of time to test recipes and take pretty pictures anymore! 

Luckily, I can still curate a selection of safe, balanced and nutritious finger food recipes for your little ones.

Please note: none of the recipes below contain salt, sugar or commercial sauces. So many “baby friendly” or BLW recipes available online are not suitable for babies at all because they have salt, sugar, salty seasoning and even mayonnaise.

So while you are in good hands on this page, be aware of these age-inappropriate additions when you look for recipes on your own.

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Also, although I am all for trying new recipes with your baby, try to make minimally processed one-two ingredient finger foods the bulk of their diet, especially in the first few weeks of starting solids. This way, your baby will get to learn to appreciate the flavor and texture of whole foods and you will save plenty of time and energy in the kitchen. 

If you need some inspiration, make sure to download my selection of 65 whole finger food ideas that require no or minimal cooking.

Finally, if you need a whole step-by-step plan on how to start your baby on solids using the mixed approach (finger foods+purees), check my online program with videos, handouts, recipes, sample meal plans, videos of babies eating, photos of finger foods from all food groups, schedules and more.

Ready for the recipes? Scroll below to find your pediatric dietitian-curated selection of sweet and savory finger foods for your baby.

15 finger food recipes for babies - Feeding Bytes


Sweet finger foods

1. Basic banana oat cookies

Bana oat cookies - finger food for babies

Source: My Kids Lick the Bowl


A great treat for the whole family, created by My Kids Lick the Bowl. This nutrition writer and mom of 3 has lots of recipes for babies and toddlers on her website, so make sure to check it out.

2. Banana toast for babies

Banana toast - finger food for babies

Source: One Handed Cooks

A very simple variation of a regular toast, slightly sweet and perfectly nutritious. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or snack, created by One Handed Cooks.

3. Apple and oat pancakes

Apple and oat pancakes - finger food for babies

Source: My Kids Lick the Bowl

Another great recipe from My Kids Eat the Bowl. Everyone’s favorite that takes minutes to make and can feed the whole family.

4. Baby cereal pancakes

Baby cereal pancakes - finger food for babies

Source: Wholesome BabyFood

Love this quick way to use the leftovers of any type of iron-rich baby cereal, by Wholesome Baby Food.

5. Three ingredient muffins

Three ingredient muffins - finger food for babies

Source: WINKGO

The easiest muffin recipe that are perfect for little hands.

6. Porridge fingers

Porridge Fingers - baby finger food recipe

Source: Healthy Little Foodies 

Just a few wholesome ingredients and a few minutes in the microwave is all you need to make this delicious breakfast or snack for your baby. Genius idea from Healthy Little Foodies.

Savory finger foods

7. Broccoli potato bites

Broccoli tater tots - finger food for babies 

Created by your truly, this recipe is one of the most popular articles on my website. I had to tweak the recipe a little to make sure the bites hold their shape better and it look like now it works like a charm.

8. Tuna and sweet corn mini quiches

Tuna and sweet corn mini quiches - finger food for babies

Source: Little Grazers

Rich in protein from cottage cheese and Omega 3 from tuna – a nutritional powerhouse for babies, kids and adults alike, by Little Grazers.

9. Sweet potato frittata slices

Sweet Potato Frittata slices - finger food for babies

Source: My Fussy Eater

I really like this protein rich and fast way to reuse leftover cooked sweet potato from My Fussy Eater – we get a lot of that in our house.

10. Sweet potato hash

sweet potato hash - finger food for babies

Source: Bethany King

Sweet potato recipes are very popular with babies because, well, they taste sweet! But make sure to try a version with a regular potato – it is also very nutritious and tasty. Recipe credit – BLW ideas.

11. Turkey-ricotta meatballs

Turkey Ricotta iron rich meatballs - finger food for babies

I created this recipe because my kids found the texture of regular meatballs quite tough and chewy. Ricotta works as a magic ingredient here, keeping them moist and very tender.

12. Sweet potato quinoa bites

Sweet potato quinoa bites - finger food for babies

Another hit that I hope you try. The texture and flavor are absolutely wonderful, if I may say so about my own creation :).

13. Pea fritters

pea fritters - finger food for babies

Source: Healthy Little Foodies

These fritters by Healthy Little Foodies can be whipped in a food processor in minutes and are perfect for little hands.

14. Chicken veggie patties

Chicken veggie patties - finger food for babies

Source: Charisse Yu

Easy to make and you can use as many veggies as you wish (really helps when you need to clear out your fridge!) Lovely idea by Charisse Yu.

15. Baby’s first Greek yogurt pizza

Greek yogurt pizza - finger food for babies

And a final Feeding Bytes recipe to round up this selection. This pizza dough has only 2 ingredients and the toppings are all baby-friendly. My whole family loves it!

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If you would like to get the whole framework and all the steps to start your baby on solids using the mixed approach, check my Stress Free Solids program – it’s completely online and has videos of babies eating both finger foods and purees, in addition to recipes, schedules and the latest scientific advice on introducing allergens. You will also learn how to progress between textures on time, so your baby learn to self feed and eat table foods fast!