Ask Natalia Anything
Need quick top-notch professional guidance on dealing with your picky eater or feeding your baby?

Ask Natalia Anything sessions DO include: research-based strategies and actionable steps to help your picky eater expand variety, get more nutrition or start solids with your baby. 

Ask Natalia Anything sessions do NOT include: access to my online programs, food journal assessment or personalized reports. If you are interested in more comprehensive packages, learn more about Picky Eating and Starting Solids packages

About Natalia’s Approach:
Natalia uses a unique combination of her extensive training as a Registered Dietitian and child feeding specialist, the latest research on the best baby and child feeding practices, prevention and treatment of feeding problems in children, with almost 10 years of experience, to help parents all over the world.

Starting Solids: Instead of being guided by rigid baby feeding philosophies, she takes your baby’s unique development into account and creates a custom plan that works for your family and supports your baby the best.

So whether you choose to start solids using Baby Led Weaning approach, purees or both, you will get a step-by-step roadmap on how to do it safely, easily and without stress or spending hours in the kitchen.

Picky Eating: Children can become picky for a variety of reasons and each child (and each family) need a personalized and individual approach. The good news is that any child can be supported to eat better, get the nutrition he needs and develop a healthy relationship with food, regardless of the potential underlying issues or degree of feeding problems.

What you can expect:
1-hour one-on-one session

The kind of things I can help you with:

Starting Solids:

  • first steps to start solids with your baby
  • how to transition to more textures and finger foods
  • how to optimize the schedule and offer the most nutritious foods
  • how to balance breastfeeding and solids

Picky Eating:

  • suggestions to destress mealtimes
  • how to plan meals with your picky eater in mind
  • easy ways to boost nutrition and optimize meal and snack schedule
  • helping your child accept more variety
  • suggestions for supplements
How it works:

We schedule a 1-hour session over Skype or Zoom.

Before the meeting, you make a list of 3-4 issues you need to discuss with me and a brief outline of your baby or child’s eating habits and schedule.

During the meeting, you take notes. The information I share will be enough to help you support your baby the best or jump-start the important changes in your child’s eating and family mealtimes.

Optional follow-ups:  You will leave our session with a to-do list and plenty of suggestions for mealtime experiments to try with your baby or child.  In case you need more help or support, you can just schedule another session at any time, so we can fine-tune the plan or work on other feeding issues.

1-hour Ask Natalia Anything session: $225

Price is listed in USD / American, this equates to around £173 UK GBP, €194 or $315 Canadian / Australian Dollars. You can use your credit/debit card regardless of your location in the world and it will convert it for you at a current rate. You can also pay via Paypal, the most secure payment system in the world. All meetings take place online, via a video call and can be scheduled with any country, in any time zone. 

DISCLAIMER: All one-on-one services are provided virtually, via a video conferencing platform or phone. As a US-trained Registered Dietitian working overseas, I offer extensive nutritional coaching to my clients. If your baby or child has a medical diagnosis that requires Medical Nutritional Therapy and liaison with other health professionals, you will need to reach out to your doctor or nearest hospital for a referral to a local  Registered Dietitian.