One-on-One Packages and Consultations

Do you feel like feeding your little one is becoming increasingly stressful?

Are you worried that your child is not eating enough healthy foods to grow and thrive?

Are you confused which solid foods are the best for your baby and how to help her learn to love a variety and develop a healthy relationship with food?

Need some quick on the spot advice on all areas of feeding kids from a mom of three who is also a Registered Dietitian and child feeding expert?

I am here to help


I use a responsive trust based approach to help babies and children eat well now and develop a healthy relationship with food. My primary goal is to share evidence-based strategies and make them work for your family.

So you spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your little ones!

DISCLAIMER: All one-on-one services are provided virtually, via a video conferencing platform or phone. As a US-trained Registered Dietitian working overseas, I offer extensive nutritional coaching to my clients. If your baby or child has a medical diagnosis that requires Medical Nutritional Therapy and liaison with other health professionals, you will need to reach out to your doctor or nearest hospital for a referral to a local  Registered Dietitian.