5 Steps to Raising a Happy Eater

Overcome Picky Eating For Good (And Make Meal Times Great Again)

All the strategies and support to turn picky eating around


Wonder why your child just won't touch healthy food, no matter how hard you try?

Crack the code of your child’s eating behaviors and finally KNOW how to respond to them to get him to eat better.

Need a step-by step guide to raising a child who is a JOY to feed?

We will show you the science behind picky eating and proven ways to help kids eat better.


Tired of preparing endless meals that go uneaten?

Most strategies focus on the WRONG side of children’s eating, ignoring the importance of developing healthy eating habits.

As a result, you may be weighed down by unrealistic expectations, discouraged by perceived failures and overwhelmed by just too much work!

How will this program transform your child’s eating?

1. You will find out where your child is on the picky eating spectrum 

Understand signs of resistant eating, common underlying issues that may be impacting your child’s eating, where to get help and how to communicate with your health professional about your child’s eating problems.

2. You will know how exactly to serve meals so even the pickiest eaters do not leave the table hungry 

Know exactly what to do and say and, most importantly, NOT to do or say at mealtimes to help your child eat better and build a healthy relationship with food. No more bribing with dessert or screens at mealtime! Instead, help your child get all the nutrition PLUS feel positively about food and eating.

3. You will stop hearing “Snack”, Snack?” “Snack!!!” all the time

Snack begging is driving you crazy? You will discover easy strategies and no-cook snack ideas that will not only maximize the nutrition your child is getting from snacks but also help him eat better at meals.

4. You will learn A LOT from someone else’s mistakes 

We compiled a selection of the most common feeding issues parents are struggling with and our professional solutions for them. Lean from someone else’s mistakes to avoid making your own! From mealtime tantrums to unsolicited feeding advice from “helpful” relatives and friends, we are troubleshooting the most common issues around feeding to give you easy solutions.

5. You will know exactly which foods will help you nutritionally balance your child’s eating

We will help you identify your child’s dietary pitfalls, from too little fiber to too much milk and learn easy ways to boost his nutrition right away. Get examples of balanced family meals, portion sizes and the sources of important nutrients your child needs.

How does it work?

Download our easy-to-read electronic guide with strategies, recipes and meal ideas.

Start implementing the startegies to boost your child's nutrition and eating habits using the step by step approach.

Get a comprehensive and detailed email consulation by Adina and Natalia to solve your most important feeding problem.

Our guarantee

We are Natalia Stasenko and Adina Pearson, Registered Dietitians, moms and child feeding experts with years of experience.  We very proud of this tried and tested program and have received some amazing feedback from other parents.

If, however, you decide that this is not what you need, we will be happy to return all your money within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.

What other parents are saying

Our mealtimes have become an enjoyable time after taking this class and implementing the strategies. My family has started to try new foods!

Sara M. Walla Walla, WA

I feel more comfortable knowing that I am doing this feeding thing right, and that my child is a normal toddler! He never drank milk before this class and now is taking a few sips and not spitting them out.

Kelly, CT, 22 month old

I think it is so easy as parents (and especially as a mother) to find things to feel guilty about. I love how this approach empowers you, rather than offering yet another unattainable parenting ideal.The emphasis is on trusting your child, finding ways to adapt to all kinds of situations, and on enjoying and exploring foods together. It’s liberating.

I really appreciate the fact that the course appeals to all kinds of parents with different food values and cultural backgrounds, I had thought beforehand that it might be intended more for parents whose toddlers eat only nuggets, juice pouches, cheerios and goldfish (!)

Emma G., Germany

Ready to help your child (and the whole family) eat better now and have a healthy relationship with food for life?

5 Steps to Raising a Happy Eater Program (Value $30)

Life long access to the most comprehensive parent-approved step-by-step research based strategies to help your child eat in a more balanced way, get more nutrition, feel in control around desserts, have appetite for meals and be able to self regulate in the long term.

An individual email consultation to solve your feeding problem (Value $75)

However complete our program is, a little individualized attention never hurts anyone.  As you start implementing the startegies, get in touch with us at any point and we will help you find a perfect solution to your most important problem, be is your child eating too much or too little, not getting enough of xyz, not behaving properly at a table or anything else you are struggling with.

Total value – $105


NEW bonus:

10 minute no cook family meals.

Stock your kitchen with a few staples and come home to a dinner that needs no or very minimal cooking.

Yes, it is possible to eat healthy and balanced meals without spending hours (or even minutes) at the stove!

We will show you how.

Here is what happens after you press the YES! I AM READY button.

STEP 1. We will send you the link to download the materials as soon as we get the payment.

STEP 2. You can immediately start implementing the strategies and enjoying stress free meals with your picky eater who is more willing to try new foods and has a better appetite for nutritious meals.

STEP 3. Whenever you are ready, you email us for a private email consultation and we will send you a detailed solution to your burning feeding issue.

If you have any questions about the 5 STEPS TO RAISING A HAPPY EATER program, email us at info@feedingbytes.com.

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