Custom Support to Transform Your Picky Eater

This package is for families who need clear research based answers and a customised roadmap to help their child do their best at mealtimes. 

No more mealtime battles, sleepless nights and anxiety around your child’s eating. 

No more confusion about which foods provide the most nutrition and how to help your child learn to like them. 

No more feeling like a failure when your child refuses a meal, or you have to short order cook to make sure they get something to eat.


About My Approach:

I use a unique combination of my extensive training as a Registered Dietitian and child feeding specialist, the latest research on the best baby and child feeding practices plus many years years of experience, to help parents all over the world.

Children can become selective eaters for a variety of reasons. Each child (and each family) needs a personalized and individual approach. The good news is that every child can be supported to eat better, get the nutrition they need and develop a healthy relationship with food, regardless of the degree of feeding problems.

My approach is research-based, responsive and child-centred. More importantly, it is kind both to you and your child. When we become a team, you will notice a positive shift in the feeding relationship between you and your child as the mealtimes will be becoming more relaxed and enjoyable for everyone in the family.


What you can expect:

A customised package to reflect your child’s needs and your goals. I work with a child feeding counsellor and an Occupational Therapist who can provide an input on your case if needed.

The length of the consulting package varies between 3 and 6 months, depending on how severe is the feeding problem.

We will meet online every couple of weeks for our one-on-one sessions.

I also offer unlimited email support in between sessions, so we can tackle feeding challenges the moment they arise!

How it works:

First, we briefly catch up for a FREE 20 min phone call to see how I can help you. During the phone call, we will determine how extensive the package needs to be and whether we need additional input from an OT and child feeding counsellor. 

We schedule to meet virtually for a comprehensive assessment (60-90 minutes) over a video conferencing platform. You will have to keep a food record of everything your child eats and drinks and send it to me prior to our session, together with the mealtime video (I will share detailed instructions on how to make one). During the session, we will talk about your concerns and your child’s eating and feeding history. The goal is to carefully access all the factors that may be contributing to the current issue. We will also plan a couple of immediate steps you can take to help your little one eat better. 

In a few days, we meet for our action planning session (45-60 min), where we discuss our treatment goals and also the initial steps in each of these areas:   

  1. Research-based mealtime strategies with consideration of your child’s unique challenges (how to create a mealtime environment that will support your child in the best way)
  2. How to build more variety (step-by-step ways to introduce new foods based on what your child is eating now)
  3. Personalized ways to boost nutrition (food alternatives, nutritious recipe substitutes and supplement recommendations)
  4. Custom recommendations to streamline meal planning and meal preparation, if needed.  
  5. Custom input and recommendations by an Occupational Therapist and child feeding counsellor. 

After our action planning session, I will email you the action plan with the first steps we can take in each of these areas.    

For the duration of the package, we meet every few weeks to review the progress, adjust the plan and map out the next steps.   

I keep supporting you between the sessions via texts or email, for the duration of the program.   

 To apply for a customised custom support package, please book a 20-minute discovery call with me.  I only work with a very limited number of private clients, so we need to make sure we are a good match. 


DISCLAIMER: All one-on-one services are provided virtually, via a video conferencing platform or phone. As a US-trained Registered Dietitian, I offer extensive nutritional and feeding coaching to my clients. If your baby or child has a medical diagnosis that requires Medical Nutritional Therapy and liaison with other health professionals, I will be happy to help you connect with your local specialists. 

What Other Parents Are Saying:

….for the first time ever, I felt like I was talking to someone who really heard me and understood what we were going through. Mealtimes are now enjoyable rather than miserable.  We do not discuss food at the table.  We have fun at meal time!

Emily A

Wow! Tonight I put cut up cucumbers in front of him for the first time in a long time. He gobbled them right up and was so excited to inspect them. Thanks for giving me back the confidence to just put stuff out there and not fear rejection. 

My husband I were like dang this is the best money we’ve spent in a long time, so thank you.

Joyanne Rolph

It just felt that someone was finally getting me. Natalia is a mom, in addition to be a very knowledgeable professional, and this really shows in how she worked with our family. I never felt overwhelmed but was able to follow the steps she recommended and things are a lot better now at mealtimes.  

Julia C