Want your child to eat more variety, have a healthier diet and a great relationship with food?

It is possible even if you do not enjoy cooking, have little time and your child is extremely picky.

Yes, you CAN:

Have confidence that your child is getting the nutrition he needs and is building a healthy relationship with food.

Enjoy pleasant family meals, prepare the food YOU like and stop feeling like you are stuck in a dinner rut.

Spend just a few minutes meal planning a week and create a growing list of varied, nutritious, easy and satisfying meals that the whole family enjoys.

Put an end to the snacking obsession and finally build a schedule that works for YOUR family.

Stop worrying about nutrients and implement easy dietary changes to help close the potential gaps.

Have a clear sanity-saving strategy for every mealtime challenge, from refusing to come to the table to demanding pasta for dinner…every night.

Get help for your child’s specific challenges like sensory issues or mealtime anxiety.

It’s time to say goodbye to the confusion, guilt and mealtime struggles!

Introducing … Turn Picky Eating Around

Turn Picky Eating Around is a dietitian-led online coaching program that helps parents confidently create a solid system to help their children overcome picky eating and enjoy more variety while building a healthy relationship with food. 

We use a no-pressure, responsive, positive approach to feeding and mealtimes based on trust. 

So you can enjoy your family more, stop worrying about nutrition and know that your child is growing into a great eater. 

Here is what you are getting

Short videos

Eight modules each comprised of a few short videos on very specific topics that you can watch on any device at any time instead of wasting your time flipping through pages and pages and pages (yawn).


Member forum

Two pediatric dietitians with years of experience and a proven success record available daily for the duration of the class. We will be by your side at each step and support you in every way.


Concise summary printables

Share them with your family members, nannies and other caregivers. Make sure to stick some on your fridge as a handy reminder to help everyone stay on track.

What we cover in the class


Is Your Child’s Eating Typical?

Understand the difference between typical eating and a feeding problem

  • Typical eating behavior in children at each stage
  • What are the red flags that may signal a deeper feeding problem?
  • Underlying issues and how you can get help


Create Your Mealtime System

Remove all stress from mealtimes and help your child try new foods

  • 3 things you can and should control at mealtimes
  • 5 ways to stay calm and remain in charge at mealtimes
  • How to avoid feeding mistakes that make picky eating worse
  • 5 Steps to serve meals that kids actually eat
  • How to transition to responsive feeding
  • Examples of real family meals from real families
  • How to help your child try new food


Manage Snacks and Desserts

Create a structure for meals and snacks to improve appetite and neutralize sweets

  • How to serve dessert and treats to make them less powerful
  • How to build a meal and snack schedule to help regulate appetite
  • Components of a balanced snack  


Boost Nutrition

Help your child get the best nutrition for optimal growth and development

  • Help your child get enough calcium – dairy or dairy free
  • The importance of iron
  • Fiber and constipation
  • Why you may not need to worry about protein
  • Best fats for your child
  • Nutritious  foods to include in your daily and weekly meal plan
  • A guide to supplements for picky eaters


Be Portion Size Savvy

Help your child eat the amount he needs and develop a healthy relationship with food

  • The secret of  balanced meals to kids
  • Portion sizes for different ages
  • Is your child’s relationship with food healthy?
  • Problems in the food relationship and how to prevent them


Manage Mealtime Behavior

How to stop frustrating mealtime behaviors that drive you crazy

  • 3 strategies for fewer mealtime tantrums
  • What to do if a child doesn’t want to come to the table
  • How to help your child stop relying on distractions at mealtimes
  • How to help your wiggly child stay seated
  • The biggest mistake that makes kids demand special foods


Plan Your Family Meals

Get a clear strategy to simplify meal planning and serve more variety

  • How to plan satisfying family meals with picky eaters in mind
  • Weekly meal planning: the basics
  • Three types of meals that will streamline your meal planning
  • A simple system to get out of  a “rut” and inject variety into your family meals


Focus on Your Child’s Unique Challenges

Get specific strategies for selective kids 

  • What you can do before, during and after the meal to help a very anxious child feel more relaxed
  • 7 steps to help a child with  sensory hypersensitivity
  • Easy ways  to make meat and vegetables more appealing
  • Food play – fun activity bringing serious results

And check these amazing bonuses…

Diet Detox for Moms – valued $97

Avoid the dieting mindset, repair your relationship with food and boost self-regulation

  • What is the main problem with diets?
  • Find your food values and forget about food rules
  • Detox from diets and become an intuitive eater.

6 Weeks of Meal Plans – valued $54

  • 6 weeks of balanced family meals and snacks
  • Picky-eater friendly, mostly deconstructed
  • Easy family-friendly recipes and meal ideas
  • Shopping list included

Your Mealtime Toolkit – valued $27

  • 7 Best mealtime tools to help your child try new foods
  • Make meals more fun
  • Help picky eaters taste new foods
  • Recommended by feeding specialists

More Recipes and Meal Ideas!

  • Easy and Balanced Family Meal Ideas
  • 15 No-cook Family Meal Recipes

“My kids are now eating a much bigger variety…..”

In case we have not met before….

Natalia Stasenko, MS RD

A pediatric Dietitian and Mom

Natalia is the author and owner of Feeding Bytes, an online platform designed to help parents with all things feeding. Natalia’s main specialties are starting solids and feeding problems in kids.

She shared her nutritional expertise in numerous media interviews, articles and two recipe books on starting solids she co-wrote recently.

Natalia received her nutritional degree and dietitian credentials at Columbia University, New York and has helped hundreds of parents via private consultations and group coaching.

A busy mom of three girls, Natalia is often puzzled by other areas of parenting, but 100% confident about her feeding strategy and you can be too!

Adina Pearson RD

A pediatric Dietitian and Mom

Adina has been a dietitian for 15 years.

Initially, she had no interest in pediatric nutrition and assumed feeding kids would be easy.

Then she had her first child and her paradigm change.  With an understanding of the challenges of feeding children, she loves to help other parents navigate this tricky area.

5 years ago she joined forces with Natalia when they noticed how similar their work was and started teaching classes online.


Stress free meals, no need to short order cook or prepare three different meals each time you eat as a family.

Your child choosing to eat nutritious food.

You feel relaxed and confident that you are doing a great feeding job.

I really am so very impressed with this course.

….the videos are perfect. Short but information-dense. The fact we can then come to you in the Facebook group is the icing on the cake.

I have done a lot of parenting courses (not related to nutrition) and this is the first one where I have felt that the style and structure have enabled me to make immediate changes without having to do any further reflection or research.

I don’t have to go back and look at notes – I can just implement practical steps straightaway.

An amazing anonymous mom

This online class is amazing and I am so happy I took the time to take it.

The videos and the information were clearly presented and very well organized.

Before the class I was feeling frustrated and guilty for not being able to help my daughter. I feel so much better now knowing that I am doing my part.

I don’t have that feeling of a heavy burden on my shoulders anymore. In the past couple of weeks, we have seen changes that we didn’t see before.

I know this is a long road and it will take a lot of work but with the understanding that this problem is not unique for my daughter and the support and understanding of what we need to do to get her past this stage.

I now feel I can do what is necessary to move forward and stop worrying about those things that I don’t control. Thank you!

Natalia Bardo

What you may be thinking…..

I have made so many feeding mistakes; nothing can help my child now so I will just keep serving the same three things to her.

Adina and Natalia have seen kids on a whole spectrum of feeding difficulties in their practices. It is clear that the correct strategies and support can help every child eat better, regardless of their unique challenges. When feeding problems are a long-standing issue, it may take longer before you see a significant boost in dietary variety, but happier mealtimes and more balanced eating can be enjoyed from the get go!

Everyone says my child will outgrow his pickiness so I should not be worried.

But you are, otherwise you would not be reading this! So here are some facts – without correct feeding strategies and a clear plan, your child’s developmentally appropriate pickiness may grow into a feeding issue. And if your child is a very selective eater, i.e., accepting just a few foods and rejecting whole food groups, it is likely that things will get worse, not better, as he is growing up, unless you provide the support and structure he needs right now.

I do not have the time to plan and prepare family meals. And my kids will refuse them anyway, so what’s the point?

Do you have time to scramble through your cupboards 20 minutes before dinner with your toddler glued to your leg or run to a grocery store to pick up some missing ingredients? Then you definitely have time to spend a few minutes a week to create a doable meal plan with our easy and practical strategies.

The best part: some meals we share with you do not require any cooking at all! And we promise that once you learn how to plan satisfying meals with your picky eaters in mind, you will hear significantly fewer complaints about the dinner menu and will be able to enjoy your favorite food more often.

I do not have the time to study anything!

We got it. We are busy moms with 5 kids between us, and we created this course with you in mind. You can participate at any time and do not have to be online at a certain hour. You have access to the program lifetime so you can start at any time. On average, it takes parents around 8 weeks to complete it if they spend up to half an hour a week watching the class materials.

Got more questions?

Shoot us an email at info@feedingbytes.com.

We cannot wait to  meet you and your little one in our virtual classroom!

The course has brought joy back to my table

I have found this course rich and rewarding. Natalia and Adina have pitched it perfectly – there is detail, there is focus, there is a wealth of practical tips, and there is warmth and humour too.

I don’t feel that anything has been held back – Natalia and Adina have taken great pains to ensure that all the participants have a complete picture, and it is obvious that they truly care about families eating together with pleasure. The course has brought joy back to my table. My children always come to the table happily and stay at the table happily. 

Hardeep Irish

Ready to Turn Picky Eating Around?